Guide to Building a Strategy portfolio



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  • Advice from recruiters
  • Portfolio ingredients
  • Tools to build
  • portfolio examples
  • language in portfolios

Emotional Response

What are the most important elements to a portfolio?

Clarity – being able to clearly articulate your strategic competencies and experience. We (and hiring teams) appreciate it when strategic input is presented in simple terms: arriving at insight(s), articulating how the idea comes to life, the how and they whys are just as important as the end results.

Diversity of Work – it’s always very powerful to see that a strategist is capable of taking on different types of assignments and help solve diverse business/brand/communication challenges.

Organization of Content – a well thought-out layout of your portfolio content is a reflection of how you think, communicate and share information. Your best work isn’t necessarily associated with the biggest brand so think about how you want to make your best work shine. Your portfolio is an opportunity to tell YOUR story so don’t let those brilliant moments get buried under what may “look” cool.

Personal Passions – always enjoy candidates who dedicate a section of their portfolio to their personal passions and give us a sneak peek into their inspirations and all those critical elements that continue to make their world bigger than specific work assignments. Your portfolio is YOU and YOU are more than your work. So share that with us and use it an opportunity to stand out.

Created by

Julian Cole

is a strategy consultant who works with brands and agencies to create world class integrated campaigns. 

Davis ballard

is a LA-based freelance strategist who moonlights as a music man at Rainbow Jeremy FM and Parang Recordings.

Lara Redmer

Is a freelance strategist interested in both brand and communications strategy projects.